Custom Orders

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in commissioning me. Here is all the commission information that you will need to know before you place an order from me.

Commission Requests

What I can sculpt: Original characters, fursonas, animals, anime characters, etc. I am open to sculpt anything so feel free to ask me!

Figurines: Figurines are more complex and larger in size. They can range anywhere between 2 - 6 inches tall. These are perfect if you want something to display on your desk or shelf.

Charms: Charms are more simple and smaller in size as they can be used as a keychain or accessory. They range anywhere between 1.5 - 3 inches.


Original Characters, Fursonas, Anime Characters

Custom order

Price Range

1.5 - 2 inch → $65 - $85+

2.5 - 3 inch → $120 - $150+

3.5 - 4 inch → $175 - $225+

4.5 - 5 inch → $225 - $300+

6+ inch → $350+

Animals, Pokemon, Fantasy Creatures

1.5 - 2 inch → $50+

2.5 - 3 inch → $85+

3.5 - 4 inch → $120+

4.5 - 5 inch → $155+



♡ Payment is made via Paypal invoices and the prices are in USD

♡ Payment must be fully paid before I start your order unless you are on the partial payment plan

♡ Partial payments are only available for orders above $150 USD and must be paid within 2 weeks of when the first payment was invoiced

♡ Orders will only be completed and shipped after full payment is received

♡ There is no cancellations or refunds unless I haven't started your order

Work Progress

♡ Since my creations are handmade, it may take me about 1-3 weeks for me to complete your order

♡ Orders may take up to 3-5 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the character or design that you have requested

♡ Please be patient with me as I may have other orders, but I do try my best to get orders completed as soon as possible

Progress Pictures

♡ The first set of progress pictures will be given to you to ensure that you are happy with the general shape of the sculpture

♡ Once you confirm that the sculpture is to your liking, it can no longer be changed and I will begin to finish the details

♡ Final progress pictures will be given before the item will be shipped to you

Packaging & Shipping Time

♡ All orders are carefully packaged in a box and shipped in either a bubble mailer or cardboard box depending on the size of your sculpture

♡ All orders will come with a tracking number and are shipped once a week

♡ Shipping times: Canada (3 - 7 business days), US (1 - 2 weeks), International (1 - 3 weeks)

♡ Please note that there may be shipping delays due to customs which I am not responsible for


Get a free quote today!

If you'd like a quote for a custom order, please email me at with the following details:

♡ Picture of the character or design you would like
♡ Charm or figurine 
♡ Specific size and details that you would like
♡ Country you're located in so I can calculate the shipping cost for you

For quicker response, please message me on Twitter or Instagram @adoreinstore